Event / Forum

The debated topics during the forum:



  • Integration into the Single European Railway Area – policies and strategies;
  • Cross-border interoperability for seamless transport
  • Investments for rail infrastructure development in the EU (EFSI, CEF, public and private investments)
  • ERTMS deployment – challenges and solutions in CEE


  • Digitalisation – latest transport trend (ticketing and passenger information systems);
  • Development of new air-rail transport connections
  • Urban rail transport development projects
  • Liberalisation – opportunities and challenges ahead (new rolling stock investment projects)


  • China-Europe – new intermodal transport concepts (rail-maritime) – rail industry trends and the role of freight transport
  • Digitalisation – making connectivity efficient (data operation in freight transport)
  • Sustainable transport for international freight corridors
  • Investments in technology – more silent freight trains