Why should you attend?

By organizing this event we will continue the tradition of meetings and networking of railway professionals, experts, industry and policy-makers and others in the field of rail transport in the Central and Eastern European region.

The high valuable presentations during the Forum will highlight that countries in the region will absorb available EU structural funds to invest in their rail systems and also to draw attention to the enormous potential of the Central and East European rail market.

During the first day of the Forum, interesting topics will be debated during the rail Infrastructure and Rolling Stock focussed panels!

The conference will address Key Questions such as:

• Shaping a Single European Railway Area
• Cross-border interoperability for a seamless rail transport
• Digitalisation – the new tool of modern railways
• The role of the private sector in stimulating innovating and increasing transport efficiency

In order to further meet your expectations, Technical Visits will be organised during the second day of the Forum at: TBA