Why Arad?

Arad region, as well as its importance as a rail hub between the East and West European axis, plays a crucial role in the completion of the Single European Railway Area, especially with two TEN-T Corridors passing through Romania (Orient/East Med and Rhine-Danube).

Moreover, European and other international companies in the railway industry are heavily investing in the area, with major railway suppliers deploying railway rehabilitation and new infrastructure construction works.


Arad Station is an important rail hub that provides rail connection to the north-west of Romania to Oradea, Satu Mare, Baia Mare, to the south-west of Romania, to Timișoara, Turnu Severin and internationally, to Serbia. Also, Arad rail station provides connection to the upgrade route Deva – Simeria – Brasov – Bucharest.

  • Arad Station is one of the most modern in Eastern Europe
  • the rail station modernisation was included on the rehabilitation project of Frontieră (Curtici) – Arad – Kilometrul 614 railway, a 41-km section included in the pan-European Corridor IV
  • a modern overpass was built and elevators and escalators were installed
  • the overpass connects the railways with access to each of them, and provides connection to the historical building of the rail station
  • the project cost was RON 330 million (EUR 75 million) with financing from European non-reimbursable funds


Also in Arad…

…  in 2016, Alstom finalised and launched the operation of “Iconis” modern traffic control centre in Arad, for the Romanian national rail infrastructure manager, CFR SA, part of the most representative railway modernisation project carried out in Romania so far.

This state-of-the-art traffic control centre became operational as of September 2016, making Arad Station one of the largest and most-performing railway station in South-East Europe. With over 140 switch points, Arad is a very important railway centre for the Rhine-Danube Corridor (pan-European Corridor IV).