UIP, represented by Gilles Peterhans, to take the floor during the Freight and Logistics Forum

GP_cut (2)Founded in 1950, the UIP – International Union of Wagon Keepers, with its seat in Brussels, is the umbrella association of national associations from fourteen European countries, thus representing more than 250 keepers with approximately 180.000 freight wagons, performing 50% of the rail freight tonne-Kilometres throughout Europe.
The UIP represents the members’ concerns at international level. By means of research, lobbying and focused cooperation with all stakeholders and organisations interested in rail freight transportation, the UIP wants to secure on the long term the future of rail freight transport.

Mr. Gilles Peterhans studied finance and economics at the University of St. Gallen – School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences and International Affairs (HSG) in Switzerland. After he graduated in 2001, he transitioned through various fields of operating positions in the railway industry. Since January 2013, he acts as Secretary General of UIP – International Union of Wagon Keepers.

Gilles Peterhans will speak during the Freight and Logistics Forum, in the 2nd panel, Digitalisation – solution for making connectivity efficient.