Dennis Schut to speak on behalf of UIC during the Railway Pro Forum

dsMr. Dennis SCHUT M.A. & M.Sc. is the head of the Research & Innovation Unit of the UIC – the International Union of Railways.
In January 2007, he was appointed as senior research adviser for the UIC and holds office at UIC Brussels as well as in the UIC headquarters in Paris. Among other tasks he acted as secretary to ERRAC – the European Rail Research Advisory Council to the EC and has coordinated a number of EC funded rail research project such as GLOBAL VIEW, ERRAC ROADMAP and FOSTER-RAIL and has been involved in a number of other EC funded projects such as TRANSSLO, TRANSNEW, SPECTRUM, HERMES, MARATHON, SETRIS and REFINET.

He has been member of the Multi-modal ETP Task Force preparing the co-modal Infrastructure Roadmap presented to the European Commission in June 2013 and is currently involved in the South East Europe Alliance for Rail Innovation SEESARI.

During the Forum, Mr. Schut will present results from the EC funded project, SETRIS, as well as a short overview on the rail tasks of the co-modal technology Roadmap for both passengers and freight & logistics transport, a project developed by UIC.

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